Show us the money

Ten millions euro a year, three years, starting last year. A lot of money to innovation and open source for the Public Administration, financed by the National Italian Government. Nobody seems to have seen them, so somebody questioned the Ministry.

Stefano Maffulli has a campaign logo:

Dove sono finiti i fondi per il Software Libero?

Roberto Galoppini reports:


There is still no translation of this article. I would not oppose anybody offering a translation. ;-)


Il 29 Giugno 2007 è stata pubblicata la terza versione della GNU GPL, la licenza “principe” del Software Libero – o Open Source. La nuova versione segue a quasi sedici anni di distanza la precedente versione. Perché questo evento era atteso con trepidazione – da qualcuno con ansia e qual è l'importanza di una licenza? Quali sono le conseguenze che l'approvazione di una licenza possono portare?

Microsoft, so it ends (for the good of it?)

All Good Things (TM) must come to an end. Sometimes also bad things. I take the view that the ongoing non compliance of Microsoft to Antitrust laws, and in particular to March 2004 Decision of the EC Commission, was a bad thing.

Today Commissioner Kroes issued a press statement where she claims victory and that she forced Microsoft to compliance. I have still not seen the detailed documents, but it would appear that -- with the exception of the patent license -- she is right.

A day in court. What a day!

I am writing this while waiting for my flight to take me back to Milan. I thought it was a good idea to settle down a little bit and start sharing with you the incredible feelings I have experienced today. Where I was it is clear from this video, from Youtube. I am the one behind the barrister who is wearing a wig in the first shot of it.