SFScon 2009


The programme of the SFScon 2009 has been published.

South Tyrol Free Software Conference 2009

The SFScon of the 13th November 2009 -  the South Tyrol Free Software Conference - is an International Conference on Free Software, which is held annually in South Tyrol. This years topic of the SFScon is: "Free Software: For Innovative Business!".

SFScon 2009


Pubblicato il programma della SFScon 2009.

South Tyrol Free Software Conference 2009

La SFScon del 13 novembre 2009 - la South Tyrol Free Software Conference - è la conferenza internazionale sul Software Libero, che ha luogo ogni anno in Alto Adige. Il tema della SFScon2009 è: “Free Software: per un business innovativo!”.

Send the GNU GPL to the Amazonia

Amazon's announcement that it is launching cloud-based MySQL services come at a convenient time. It shows how money to support Free Software development can come from unexpected sources, and without a proprietary license appearing anywhere in the picture.

This is not really good news for Free Software. However, Amazon gives us the best evidence that MySQL can be "monetized" by offering it in a Software As a Service setting. This can happen with GNU GPL licensed software and without receiving any special permission from the copyright holder, contradicting all claims that there is no viable way to fund development of a Free Software project without a dual license. The impatient reader can jump directly to the section where I deal with the cloud, but I invite you to follow all the argument.

Apache what?

Sometimes I wonder who the worst enemies of Free Software are. And it occurs me that sometimes the worst enemies are ourselves, the proponents of it (or self-described as such).

The same thought struck me yesterday reading a press release calling for Mysql to be sold to a third party, separate from the prospect buyer of Sun Microsystem, Oracle. It says:

Let the Sun-shine in (Oracle)

Contenuto non tradotto per le rilevanti dimensioni e il poco tempo. Descrivo perché prendo le difese (anche in senso tecnico) di Oracle nell'acquisizione di Sun.

First, you will pardon my cheap and obvious borrowing the lead tune from Hair.

In my previous blog entry I have briefly discussed that I intended to take actions to help the Sun/Oracle merger to be cleared by the EC Antitrust authorities. Indeed I have offered my dispassionate help as a Free Software and digital liberties advocate to the legal team assisting Oracle. They have gladly accepted my offer to help. It was discussed if I could also take the position of co-counsel to Oracle in the procedure, and so was decided.

This could be perhaps a surprise to casual readers. I take the opportunity to clarify what my motives are. It could be regarded as odd that I feel like I have to justify why I am accepting instructions that some of my colleagues would simply kill for. The point is that – unlike many – I am not a hired gun for whomever can afford to pay me. And I am quite fond of saying that I am in a position to refuse cases that are against my beliefs as a Free Software advocate.